Effective design is powerful.  The built environment shapes the way we perceive and experience the world around us. The spaces we occupy affect the way we feel and live. Design can inspire action, solve problems, and transform an experience, leading to such outcomes as increased office productivity, better business sales, or simply a comforting place to call home.  Successful design designates a space as a destination in and of itself, and responds to the human needs for that space.  We contend that a successful interior is rooted in sound research and observation, and developed in collaboration with the client. The success of the spaces we design relies on putting the clients’ interests at the core of our work. We work closely with our clients to develop creative solutions that meet the needs and objectives of the project. We create functional and beautiful interiors, while respecting and honoring the buildings that house them.  Through understanding the importance of conceptual design and with a humanistic approach, Lorla Studio can help you realize your design vision, no matter how big or small. 


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After a decade of diverse experiences in the design world, Laura launched Lorla Studio to provide clients with holistic design solutions, blending her background in the social sciences with her expertise in the built environment. She leads her team to approach each design challenge from both a humanistic and analytical angle; a combination of user needs, client collaboration, research, observation and a consideration of historical precedents.  

Laura holds degrees from some of the premier schools in the country, with an MS in Interior Design from Pratt Institute, and a BA in Sociology from the University of Richmond. She specialized in hospitality projects while working at top New York design firms, JFD Studio and Gensler. 


A N G E L A   M A Y R I N A


Growing up in Indonesia with appreciation for its deeply rooted heritage, Angela has always had an eye for art, history and design. Her work reflects a high regard for craftsmanship, and finding balance in drawing inspiration in the past for the contemporary world. She graduated with honors from from Pratt Institute’s BFA program for Interior Design, with a minor in Psychology, and has worked in multiple firms in the U.S. (SF/NYC) and abroad (Jakarta). Her love for art and design history informs her approach to design, which seeks a holistic approach that bridges a design, its context, and the user.

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B R A N D O N   T H A N D I


An educational upbringing focused on the hard sciences in Arizona left Brandon with a curiosity about the arts, and why they had been so underrepresented in his education. Brandon moved to NYC in the fall of 2013 in an attempt to satiate his growing curiosity in the arts, while utilizing his talents in science, engineering and Mathematics. It was in New York, and while studying at the prestigious Pratt Institute, that he discovered his passion for design, a field that marries the creativity of the arts with the truths, logic and research found in Science. Brandon holds a BFA in Interior Design from Pratt Institute, where the conceptually grounded curriculum influenced his approach to design; one that recognizes a space’s utility, and inspires the user towards a curated and purpose-driven experience of the space.  His pragmatic and holistic approach to design has led to successful and impactful projects for residential and commercial clients across the country. A self-described Jack-of-all-Trades, Brandon has a deep toolkit that has been put to good use in hospitality, residential, and office design.