Effective design is powerful.  The built environment shapes the way we perceive and experience the world around us. The spaces we occupy affect the way we feel and live. Design can inspire action, solve problems, and transform an experience, leading to such outcomes as increased office productivity, better business sales, or simply a comforting place to call home.  Successful design designates a space as a destination in and of itself, and responds to the human needs for that space.  We contend that a successful interior is rooted in sound research and observation, and developed in collaboration with the client. The success of the spaces we design relies on putting the clients’ interests at the core of our work. We work closely with our clients to develop creative solutions that meet the needs and objectives of the project. We create functional and beautiful interiors, while respecting and honoring the buildings that house them.  Through understanding the importance of conceptual design and with a humanistic approach, Lorla Studio can help you realize your design vision, no matter how big or small. 





Growing up in Indonesia with its deeply rooted heritage, Angela has always had an eye for art, history and design. Her work reflects a high regard towards craftsmanship and finding balance in appropriating the past into the contemporary world. She graduated from Pratt Institute with an honorary undergraduate degree in Interior Design and a minor in Psychology, and has worked in multiple firms across the globe, from Jakarta to San Francisco. Her love for art and design history and criticism has greatly influenced her aesthetic goal which is to bridge a design, its context and the user through a holistic approach. She believes in designs that evoke memories through curated unnarrated experience--exploring ways in which a design could communicates and elicit questions through a constant interplay between boundaries that redefines common assumptions.




Brandon Thandi is an Interior Designer at Lorla Studio. In 2013, he relocated from Arizona to NYC where he discovered his passion for design. His pragmatic and holistic approach to design has lead him to working in both residential and commercial settings across the country, from Tucson, AZ to New York City.