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Everything You Need to Know About Design Consultations

Two women working in a design space

We are excited to share that Lorla Studio is now offering interior design consultations. What is a design consultation anyway? Design consultations are a one- or two-hour meeting in which we connect with you (virtually or in person) to discuss all of your interior design questions, concerns and ideas. Consultations are perfect for those who don’t want our full bespoke design services and project management, or even a starting point for larger residential or commercial projects to determine options for moving forward. Past clients have also included those who wanted to work with a designer, but had a small scope of work.

Design consultations allow us to provide significant value in a short amount of time. However, we find that often times a consultation leads to a larger scope of work because of the value our clients get from just one meeting. Below is a breakdown of what you can expect from your consultation.

  • Walk through your entire home, focus on a specific room, or one problem area. During this walk through, we listen to what you like about the space, what you dislike, your ideas, and your wish list of what you want done.

  • If you are considering a larger project, we will record your wish list, help identify your top priorities, flush out the scope of work, and establish realistic expectations around your project budget and timeline.

  • Provide material and finish suggestions, such as paint colors, upholstery materials and wallpaper.

  • Offer input on areas to save and areas to spend. For example, you might be considering replacing your wood floors, and we might suggest sanding and staining your existing floors instead.

  • Determine a furniture layout to meet your needs.

  • Make suggestions regarding furniture styles, lighting and window treatments.

  • Sketch ideas, such as custom built-ins and other millwork.


  • Recommending and meeting contractors or third parties on site for estimates.

  • Site survey; measuring your space and creating a floor plan or other drawings.

  • Specific product recommendations and costs.

  • Purchasing furniture and decor.

  • Providing specific costs for labor, including total cost of your project, total design fee costs (applicable to larger scale projects), third party costs (contractor, electrician, painter, etc.).

  • Styling or moving furniture and decor.

  • Correspondence prior to and following our meeting.

*We offer all of the services listed above as part of our full design services.

Laura Hur from Lorla Studio holding flowers

If a consultation sounds right for you, here is what we need to get started:

  • 5 to 10 inspiration images (a Pinterest board works) that we can review together to better understand your aesthetic.

  • A list of any specific questions or topics that you would like to cover.

  • Any relevant materials, such as floor plans, photographs, renderings, or a link to a real estate listing.

  • Specific instructions for how to access the project site, such as a gate code or parking instructions.

  • Contact information and the best way to reach you for a virtual consult.

COSTS $500/hour for a virtual consultation $900 for up to two hours of in-person design consulting

FAQs How do I book a consultation? Please email or click the black button above to book your consultation. We will send an electronic invoice that must be paid in full within 48 hours of receipt. We will place a soft hold on the selected day, and time for 48 hours, but if the invoice is not paid within 48 hours we cannot hold the date. What forms of payment do you accept? The fastest way to pay is electronically once you receive your digital invoice. We also accept credit card, cash, check and Venmo. What if I need to cancel my consultation? Cancellations or rescheduling must be made no later than 24 hours prior to the consultation date. There is a $100 non-refundable administrative fee. The full consultation fee is non-refundable if cancelled less than 24 hours prior. Where do you offer in-person consultations? We will come to your home or business anywhere in the greater DC and Baltimore area. There may be an additional fee added depending on your exact location. We will notify you of this fee prior to booking the consultation. Do you offer a one hour in-person consultation? We have found through experience that when we are meeting someone in person one hour is not enough time to successfully help with your space, which is why we keep one hour consultations reserved for virtual meetings only. What if I don’t use the full two hours? Do I get a partial refund? Or can I use the rest of the time at a later date? We block two hours of our time and schedule just for you. Should your consultation not take the allotted two hours there is no partial refund as we have dedicated our time to you either way. The time is only good for the allotted two hours. We cannot break up the two hour window into smaller chunks of time to be used on different dates. Who will my consultation be with? You will meet with our principal, Laura, or our senior designer, Nicole. Why can’t you tell me what my project will cost during the consultation? We are able to provide the minimum costs of what it will take to furnish and decorate your home. However if you are considering a partial or full renovation/remodel there is no quick or easy answer to what your project will cost. At the end of our consultation we sit down with you and review our process and fees, but there are still many variables that have yet to be determined that will impact the final bill. Examples of this include third party labor costs, like an electrician or millworker, finishes and materials selected, and the timeline in which you need the work completed by. We work with you to make the most of your budget, achieve your goals and deliver a completed space on time.


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