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We are an interior design studio offering a range of services in Washington, DC, tailored to the specific needs of your project. We love designing and managing gut renovations, and new builds. We routinely work as part of a team to complete projects, and are well equipped to help form your team as the project begins. We’re known for our modern aesthetic that blends contemporary design with period details to create a timeless look and feel.


We also work on projects that only require light construction, or none at all. This service is for those who are seeking a fresh space, but don't need construction. We offer our design and decorating services throughout the greater Washington, DC area. This includes a full furniture, art and decor package for individual rooms, or an entire home.


For projects with a small scope of work we recommend our design consultation service. We meet in person or virtually to answer all of your design questions and to provide ideas for you to execute on your own. No matter which service you choose you can trust us to infuse your Washington, DC space with our passion for design and attention to detail.

Custom Crump and Kwash dining table in chic DC dining room by Lorla Studio


This service is tailored to clients who are building a new home, renovating an existing home, and to commercial clients in Washington, DC who are designing a new space, such as a restaurant, office or retail store. This service applies whether you want to renovate your entire home, or remodel a few rooms. An interior designer is one of the first hires you should make for a project of this scale, which ensures the best outcome, and a seamless, efficient process. We’ll work with you to identify the scope of work, set realistic expectations around your timeline and budget, and identify the team needed to complete your project, including finding an architect and builder.


We offer full service interior design to Washington, DC clients who want to fully update their home or business, but do not need renovation services. We’ll skip all of the messy construction, and dive right into furniture layouts and finishes. We’ll specify fixtures, finishes and furniture, and we will handle the procurement and installation of all merchandise. We identify any trades that are needed to execute the design, such as wallpaper installers and upholstery workrooms. This service culminates in a single or multi-day installation and styling session of all furniture, art and accessories.


A design consultation is perfect for projects with a smaller scope of work and those who want to be hands-on with their own project. We meet at your home or business for a two hour visit, during which we can walk through your entire home and provide general feedback and ideas, or focus on a specific room. We will discuss everything from flooring materials, to paint color suggestions, and furniture layouts, and we can provide suggestions for specific vendors and retailers that are a good fit for your project. This service is popular with clients in Washington, DC who are shopping for a new home. We will provide insights on the potential of a property, and discuss improvements that can be made to make the home work for you. If you are located outside of the DC Metro area please inquire about our virtual interior design consultation service.


We understand that whether you are working with an interior designer for the first time, or starting a new design project, the process can be overwhelming and confusing. To mitigate these feelings we have developed a fifteen step project management process that walks you through how we get from a conceptual idea to a beautiful, finished space. Our fifteen step process sets the framework for a stress-free and enjoyable design project from start to finish. Experience, expertise, and impeccable integrity allow us to satisfy clients, and complete projects on time and on budget. We strive to be the best interior designer for you in Washington, DC.

  • PHASE ONE | Project Initiation
    01 Consultation | Project Review 02 Contract & Retainer | Project Begins
  • PHASE TWO | Research, Design, Presentation
    03 Trade Day | Project Site Assessment 04 Design Development | Drawings & Selections 05 Design Presentation | Estimates & Deposits
  • PHASE THREE | Project Management
    06 Procurement | Order Placement 07 Project Status | Deliverables & Timeline 08 Renovation & Labor | Progress Site Checks 09 Renovation Wrap | Installation Prep 10 Furniture Installation | Styling 11 Client Reveal | Project Milestone 12 Deficiencies | Identified 13 Deficiencies | Resolved 14 Final Invoicing | Account Reconciliation 15 Project Conclusion | Client Appreciation
Lorla Studio_ Full Service Interior Design _ Washington D.C._Breakfast nook with oversized


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